My Man Last To Long In Bed Whichis There Something Wrong

he only lasts like 2 mins and its boring. is there anyway to make him last longer. ive been with him 4 years and im getting fed up thanks

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Yeah there is herbal treatment available for long lasting in bed. Beside this herbal treatment do not have any side effects. a very good decision for going herbal.

drinking alchohol helps.. also if you spank it right before you see her it helps a lot too. Or her make you go first ith her mouth then do it again and have sex..

All the above responses are very helpful. Another thing that you can have him try is the kegel method. But of course you will need to talk to him about it first. I would also suggest that if you don't want to come right out and say it that you could try and turn it into a game with him and use the previously suggested ideas to reach the goal.

When you masturbate stop when you feel that feeling wait 30-60 seconds and repeat as long as you can. You can train it that way.

well it could be that his too horny... there sum guys that when there too horny and they com fast and not alot of guys that could go for second round.. and no i never had it i always last the time i want ive got to control it :-) but u could try is go for a wail then stop and then go again

A guy is bad in bed when he thinks that he's doing it with a hole against the wall. All the other stuff you mentioned (inexperience, condoms, etc. can be fixed, stupidity and lack of respect can't. That's my opinion.

maybe more foreplay would help....and I think if you masturbate less, you would be more excited during sex-and have an easier time.

then just do it...kiss her lips and work your way down...if she laughs but you don't, she'll see that you're seriously gonna go do, then go from there

they where all up at midnight and agreed to carry on to the end of the task. Woke up at 3.45am and they were all knocking ZZZZZZZZZsss.

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My Man Last To Long In Bed Whichis There Something Wrong

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