How Long Should I Be Able To Last In Bed

There's always this guy who like me. I was out with him once, he was very nice person but I was very unsatisfy in bed. So, I decided that we should just be friend because I've never fell in love with him. 2 years later (now), I've decided to go out with him again. Between the time, he had quite a few girls and sure thing had sex with them. But he broke up with his lastest gf for me because I kinda want him back because I kinda little by little surrender for his caring, sharing, and feel his love that he has always given me so I start to fell in love with him. I thought he would be better in bed. (well, actually very just a little bit better). We made love.. and it was so unsatisfy, he doesn't really know what to do. so I couldn't stand anymore, we made love everyday about a week, until last night I just told him way I want it to be. While we were making love, I suddenly stopped because I couldn't stand anymore. I explained to him how I feel and how I want him to do it. He still wanted to continue and want to make it better but I wasn't able to do anymore. He is greatly upset and said that he may not have lots of experience, but I shouldn't do this to him. Oh... I don't know what to do.. I want to continue relationship with him (I told him that I am not quite ready for relationship yet because I want to be sure this time). I really couldn't continue if I am continue being upset in bed like this. I have had quite few guys before, and never ever had so unpleasant moment in bed just like this. When I say, I kinda in love with him, I really mean it. I can see lovely life with him but sex is also important. What should I do? How long do I need to train him? (I have had virgin bf before and he got lots better after a few times we had sex, and became very expert in a very short time). But this guy is already 2 years, and nothing has changed in his performance in bed. Please Help..

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In my case I used to love the long way 45 minutes it was great; but I have my bf with your problem :s and you know when you love you deal with so many things. Today I am happy with him, he doesn´t last more than 15 minutes but we have sex several times and I get and orgasm each one of them it is great!! Good luck! ;D

My suggestion would be to give him head or a hand job beforehand, and then hopefully not too long thereafter, he will be able to last for a much longer period of time. Also, tell him while you're having sex that he should let you know when he's about to c*m, and STOP exactly what you're doing for about 15 seconds, more if you want, and keep going. Keep this up and after as many times of stopping and starting as you want, when he finally makes it, not only will he have lasted longer, but it will be much more intense for the both of you.

You know how boys think "no" means "yes." This is the reverse. When he says you're "too hot," he's saying something else.

You don't want to take a pill for this. Try edging. When you masturbate, bring yourself up almost to climax. And then let yourself relax. Do this repeatedly until you can orgasm at will. A little practice can really help. Good luck!

You have answered your own question very impressive way ,still you have generalise your statement , why men . Its apply on both the sexes or basically human nature to get bored with the same , thats why we seek different type of entertainment all the time ,it is natural thing and feeling , nothing great to talk about .

Depends how horny i am.... if im in the mood to f@ck then its quite quick, but if im more in the mood for making love i can go for hours... .its much easier to control for us girls..

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