I Want To Be Able To Last Longer In Bed W My Girlfriend

Self explanatory. Any techniques or training methods out there?

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He probly has developed a fear of not being able to satisfy you.bcuz of this he worrys about sex and lasting long.this anxiety will be on his mind and will cause him to ***.quick.there is many different method s to help this bt to be honest not sure if they help.u and ur boy need to communicate during sex.get him back in his comfort zone.the girl being on top can help,and get him to tell u wen e nearli blows his load..then just slow down or stop until he feels ok again.repeat this and u will notice e will start to last longer. P.S 3-4 minutes is above average and if your not getting an orgasm,just du stuf b4 sex .i tink ul get my drift x

well i c um fast too in less then a minute well some times but when that happens i don't stop i keep going just tell im to keep going

I think you need some space. Get away go away for like a month. Separate for a bit. I think you need to breathe, reflect and see your life from the outside looking in. I believe what he did was atrocious and you need to make a decision. You cant make it over night. I think this is much more complex than most situations because you have been married for so long. But can you live and love him still? Will you be able to trust him without going crazy? Will you look at him the same? I seriously think you should take a month and go somewhere. Do you have family elsewhere? Good luck and I send you good karma.

Don't rush it, tell her to keep her hands to herself and use the foreplay to enhance the love making. You can bring her up to her libido and keep her there for two hours if you practice this and work it out right, then the final act of sex is the ending of a good book.

Go for it! There are no guarantees in life. None at all. You haven't even dated yet, so the issue about children is premature. After a year of dating, then it might be time to lay all the cards on the table so you both know the score. Don't lose the chance to fall in love. Love with everything you have, and pray for the best. Many people choose not to have children. It is not an issue at this time.

Maybe you would do too much for your women to handle. In any relationship, if you give too much and don't want them to do anything for you back. There is no balance and it can make them uncomfortable. Like you are too perfect and them are not good enough for you or they don't have chance to be "equal" in your relationship. But not me. I would love a man like you. He he.

how old are you? masterbate and practice holding off. when you are older you will get better. most younger men can't hold it.

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I Want To Be Able To Last Longer In Bed W My Girlfriend

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