Is It My Fault My Boyfriend Doesnt Last Long In Bed

I'm 13 i'm about to start high school next month my boyfriend is 14 how can I have a relationshipl ike my sister who is 23 been together with her boyfriend for three years i'm so jealous of her I want my relationship to last long because I love him weve been together since I was in 7th grade Aug 2006 2 years I want to make sure we don't break up.

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there are condoms available, to enable that, or see your doctor, tricyclic anti depressants are very effective,eg, imipramine, or amitriptyline, there used to be one, sertiline,too, but dont know if its still marketed.

Not sure how personal I can get here but I will try. Sex is the very last thing you do. When you feel like you cannot wait another second. Your girl needs tons of foreplay....until you hear her whinning for you to enter her. Then it will not matter how quick you are. If you release before her...make certain you go back and finish off what you started with her otherwise why would she want to be bothered having sex with you? Make certain that you both release - it does not have to be at the same time. You just need to be a willing partner until she releases with you. Try to get from her what she likes you to do..most girls are shy at first but will eventually tell you. Be very careful that she is not faking a release....tell her you want to please her too.

there is condoms you can get made by durex called durex performa it has a special lube in it that sort of numbs your penis therefore you last longer the sensation for you is still very good but you then end up lasting alot longer. my boyfriend says it's all about knowing when your coming so you can control it and last for as little or as long as you want it just takes practice and min d control i.e not getting too turned on too quickly! good luck. :)

He could take Climinax. It's about the only working premature ejaculation treatment. You can find a review of it at

from missionary, when he is close, have him tell you. Immediately let him relax on you and hug or squeeze him tightly for a few moments around his waist. this helps me greatly

There is a classic trick you can try out next time you're in bed with her. When you feel like you're about to reach the point of no return, pull out and "take a break". A good embellishment to this trick is to change position when you pull out so it's not like you're pulling out to last longer. Or you can go down on her for a little while and then go back to penetration after that. Another thing I think I should mention is that sex doesn't have to be over just because you came. Even if you're done you can still please her with oral sex or by using a toy or your hand to stimulate her, and hey, maybe after that, you'll be ready for another round yourself.

He can have very sensitive nerves. Really, beyond getting a little drunk or sleepy to reduce the feeling a bit. I think your stuck with it.

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