How Can I Get My Boyfriend To Last Longer In Bed It Takes Him Like 2 Seconds And Heamp39s Like No No Noooooo

I'm feeling a bit awkward asking this here, but I honestly rather be educated about this than make a mistake, so anybody who is kind enough to red and advice me, I'll be greaful to you, forever! My boyfriend and I are both 18, we've been together for 3 months so far. Yesterday we were making out on his bed. It started of slow and romantic, then one kiss got a bit steamy, and by that I mean passionate (we did NOT feel each other up and down.. we have loads of limits) after a while we wanted to experiment our kissing position (he always wanted a lappy, like me sitting on his lap as we kissed) so he asked if he could and I gave in, we kissed like that for say about a minute and then we both thought it may get too much so we stopped and I got up. After that we were just sitting in bed and kissing, and then naturally we just fell back on the bed, and the next moment he's on top of me, and our kiss turns real steamy and aggressive. I loved every bit of it, and I was not uncomfortable, if I was I would have stopped him. Then we got up, he then asked for it we fell back on the bed, and that kiss lasted longer, we didn't break it for a while. Until he suddenly sprung up and goes "sorry" as we quickly got up. Later at night he told me something I didn't expect, he said he got a boner while we were kissing as we lay down. I hardly knew what to say to him. I kinda wondered why he told me this. He also later on told me that he wanted the lappy again. Do you think the lappy lead to his erection? And could it be that he sprung up because of the erection? Also, is it dangerous? We both don't want to have sex. But after he said this I got scared we'd get carried away. :( Also, does a man have an orgasm when he ejaculates? I don't know, I just so confused. I need knowledge on this, for my own good. Thank you SO much to everyone that helps me out.

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Nothing. This is something he must learn to control. Sounds as if he is young. However, you can let him know that he needs to last longer so he can begin learning how to do so. Also, after the first round, you can help him recover quicker by stroking, oral, etc. to get him to the second round. Second round, it should take him a long long time to burst again. However, don't have a delay between rounds, if you do, then he will revert back to round one.

What a gem! Just when I thought I heard it all. Leave this guy and do NOT fall for his lines when he wants you back (especially when he realizes how much child support he will be paying). He sounds like a selfish jerk to me. Wait til you have a child, and see how much of a jerk he becomes (it will be worse). Get out now while you can. Consult a lawyer ASAP

did she really love u?i have a bf and we fuck 5 times a day i never say no to him because i like it too its feel good........

There are many old wives tales going around in regard to the subject of premature ejaculation…everything from evil thoughts to bad diets. Everybody has their own ideas on what causes it and how it can be treated, including wrapping your manhood in sack cloth. Let’s start off by killing the myth that people who are oversexed or have too much sex suffer from this problem. A person who has never had sex a day in his life can suffer from premature ejaculation. Conversely, somebody who has been having sex three times a day everyday of his life can never suffer from the problem. How often or seldom you have sex has nothing to do with the problem itself. Another myth is that all premature ejaculation problems are physical problems. Not all are. Many premature ejaculation problems are caused by anxiety. Many men, especially if they have a history of problems with women, have anxiety over having sex. They’re afraid that they won’t perform. This fear is what leads either to impotence, another common problem, or premature ejaculation. Until the fear is removed, the problem continues.

change it up when you feel like your about to cum. Masturbating and not letting your self cum will help too. Good luck!

GOSH!!! I never heard this joke / riddle before, and OMG it made me laugh soooo bad!!! Now a thought has just crossed my mind... are there any "old" ppl doing that?! LOL!!!!! I guess, this is probaly a best riddle i'd ever heard! Thanks for a great one! TC Brownie xx

you being on top would help, and him taking breaks when he feels close would help too, but other than that, it is just him controlling his emotions

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