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Im still pretty young and I know it takes time but I really want to know what it takes to last longer in bed. I can only hold on for 2 min max! So if anybody can give me a few pointers I'd really apperciate it! Thank you this means alot to me and my girlfriend.

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Thats completely normal. And for the record, 8 minutes is actually on the high side of average. I think it really depends on how aroused you are. If you have been thinking about it for awhile, or you have been engaged in foreplay for awhile, you might not last as long. The longer you stay stimulated, the quicker its going to happen when you actually do it. Don't worry, you're fine.

to tell u da truth most guys wen they have sex with the girl they jus leave her ( hit it n jus quit it ) but maybe am wrong

That is one thing you can do, but remember, on average, sex lasts 1-13 minutes. Your not a porn star! Also, try to change positions more. That helps to last longer too.

I've always found this to work for me....foreplay...foreplay ....foreplay......a little 69 makes everything fine.....then she's warmed're warmed up and you can both climax hopefully together....

It's amazing. In my opinion, you should keep it in first person. It sounds much better, you can grow on the character, play with their emotions. If it's written in first person, people will connect more because, in my opinion, when someone writes in third person, the characters always seem a little flat, it's like they're one-sided. If you write in first person, you can really show all the different sides of everything which will attract the readers attention. I love the story! Keep writing!

Try some positions that allow a guy to better contol himself. Woman on top lets a guy relax more. Every guy needs to learn the point at which his ejaculatory reflex is tripped, and then stop before he gets there. Also, that starting and stopping will lead to even better orgasms for him, especially if he learns to separate orgasm from ejaculation----there is a difference, but most men never learn it. Men can enjoy multiple orgasms, which will allow them to go for as long as any woman can stand it, but they have to learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Good luck. It'l be fun training him regardless of the results!

Yes your husband should divorce you because you are shallow and he should find himself a good woman. And considering your schoolmate is already rubbing his thing on you, you are cheating

im not sure how to fix this problem but i can last for a long time. all knight if i had to. but i do hope you get this problem fixed

Sounds like you've shut yourself off. At this point, I don't think the choice should be his to make. If YOU want him to leave, tell him to leave. YOU need to be decisive here. He's not going to be.

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