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My man always goes befor i do. When we first got togther and I was a lot skinner, He used to go for hours, and more then once a day, and it was awsome. the sex is still good, but he goes to quick, I can't even get up to my climax befor he goes. I wanna know any tips to make it last longer. I also, have a bigger sex drive then him, Is that normal?

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He knows when he is getting to his peak so I say the same as a few of the others. Stop give him a breather so to speak and the start back up when he knows the sensation has passed. In the end doing that will actually stimulate you more as well ..... due to the interruptions. And enjoy.

Your two bodies may just have great sexual compatibility. Or it may be that she has learned some skills/tricks due to the extended periods of time the intercourse used to last.

if you have one of those car alarm things on your keys you should keep it by your bed and when you hear someone trying to break in sound the alarm.

My man used to have the same problem, but now I get him to go down on me first to get me to a point that I can not go any longer with out an orgasm. We then have sex and he stops when he feels like he is going to cum and plays with me for a while. We can have sex for about an hour. it is the best sex that I have ever had.

I think the secret is get him to drink a moderate amount of alcohol. A smaller amount than makes him go limp from the effects of alcohol..but larger amount than he needs to still feel ALL his faculties...he will last longer...but get the dose right. Maybe 4 glasses of wine..depending on his weight. Beer will make him want to go to the loo.

beat off an half hr before you have sex with here and when you feel you are near squeeze your butt together as hard as you can this stop it sometimes

Oh, dear. This kind of stuff is difficult to write about. I feel like that old lady on TV who hands out sex advice. She makes me cringe, but I guess there's a need for openness and honesty. My advice to you is to relax and take your time before actually having sex. I'm talking about foreplay. You can actually bring your lady very near to a climax with foreplay, before you...the Minuteman...jumps aboard. There! Don't ask me to do it again. I'm blushing.

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I Saw A Product Called Flesh Light Anyone Tried It

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