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My boyfriend and I were fooling around for a while yesterday, and I had already made him come once. When it came down to sex he didn't last long at all...whereas normally he can go for an hour or more. He apologised and said that this was the first time ever, and felt bad as he doesn't like leaving me "unsatisfied". I'm not bothered, he's always been amazing in bed and this was the first time in the 10 months that we've been together. However, I was a bit stroppy with him (as before that he'd spent time teasing etc and I was a little frustrated!) but I spoke to him today so he knew I wasn't mad... However, he was really off with me, and when I asked what was the matter he said he didn't know. If this has happened to you before how do you feel? I don't know if the reason he's in a bad mood is because of last night, or because of something else?

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Age difference will be an issue. children might be another issue. i think give it a try. u never know destiny has bought her ur way. may be thats how it is meant to be. if it doesn't work out it is fine may be u r meant to be for a certain period. u say u r lonely and unhappy and she coming in ur life brings a smile to ur face go for it. don't worry about tomorrow. goodluck

They say that cervical mucous is important for the sperm in order to reach the egg. I would definately suggest that you use some "Preseed" lubricant. It's will make baby-dancing more enjoyable and increase your chances because his swimmers will have more of an advantage. P.s. It doesn't matter on how long he takes. Just as long as he gets inside.

don't think about cumming because that will make you cum faster. there are other ways but i'm sure he wants it to happen naturally because pills and things can actually make him smaller and no woman wants that

Hello I think the average time of most men in these world is about 15 to 20 minutes when they have intercourse. Sure it depends on every men, some can longer other will come quickier. There are always exceptions and sometimes the second time, third time you can last longer to come to the orgasm. It has men who come very quickly and have premature ejaculation and other who can't do it a second time. It depends on our mind too, sometimes we can do it a long time other times whey are too horny and come very fast. It depends of a lot of factors, sometimes we're stressed or under perfomance stress, then we come very fast. Other times we can last a lot of time. It depends on the women too, which positions you do and how long the foreplay goes. The other factors are that the practice is a very important thing and you more sex you have the more you know you're body and when you come. Sometimes you can stop before you ejaculate, than continue and so average the time. Other times you will ejaculate and not wait. It depends always on how we are and the situation. Some peoples look at pornstars, and think that they can do it a long time. But the take some ED drugs and they're filmed and cutted so that last long. It's all illusion like when they make films, they're not idols or supermans. I would say that it doesn't exist a real statistic, because every men look his sexlife different. Some men say they can do it for an hour and 5 times, so it's difficult to make a statistic....

TANTARIC Sex , while haveing sex let her sit in your lap and let her do the work while you relax and keep your mind on something else....... CAN GO AN HOUR Also learn to tighten the PC muscle and at will delay the discharge Finally the testicle moves up and down, stretch it down and it will delay ejackulation , repeat this and you will last an hour

There isn't as much a formal training that allows me to stay that way for hours at a time. It is a mental makeup. And to a great extent I love to prolong because I enjoy it a lot. However, I do enjoy those quickies that last about 10 minutes or so and are very intense and satisfying. Sometimes just as you get into the shower or just as you are preparing a dinner or as you I'm about to leave for work. That's what is important. To enjoy both ~ the prolonged lengthy ones when we feel we have the time and energy to experience it and those quickies when all we need is instant gratification. It's just fun that way to have it well balanced. That way, when we mix in that variety, we always want to experience the other when we think we've tried enough of one way.

a c.o.c.k ring will help, also taking it slow. You really need to talk to him about it and be open, yea its a touchy subject but its needed. -Shawn

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