Ladies Would You Rather Your Man Be Able To Last Longer In Bed Or Recover Quicker After Orgasm

We have a three year old daughter, and I've been working some 600km away from both of them. So i've been working on a transfer back to them for the past 6 months. We had a problem and it was made worse by the long distance between us. We both felt i needed to go back so we could get married. I had already asked my parents to initiate talks. Now, last week monday, my transfer was approved and I was excited. It had been some time since i went home to check them as I was working the festive season. So my plan was to pay them a surprise visit and deliver the great news of my transfer. i arrived on Friday around 9pm. it was raining heavily that night. I got into the house and there they were. she chased me out, called her parents who in turn told her to call the cops on me, for what reason I don't know. but apparently this guy spent X-mas and New year with her family, cos she had told them that we broke up. she didn't even allow me to see my baby, telling me to get out of their lives and leave them alone. my question; how do I deal with this? i love my kid very much but i couldn't care less where she goes, i can't take her back after what I saw. She lied to me and betrayed me. We already had trust issues, this just blows everything away. Believe me, i still love her, but i just can't go back to her

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Prior to intercourse, masturbate ~ either alone or with a 'friend'. This can help you as you'll have released tensions, and help you through having to regroup your resources (as it were). If you are not planning on using any contraception, then you might like to consider where you are both going to live in about 10 months time and whether you can afford a 2nd bedroom and all of the paraphernalia that can be the cost to you for your moment or two of blissful pleasure! I wonder what she says and thinks about this!! Good luck, to you all. Sash.

If you men REALLY want to last longer in bed, then re teach your mind and "learn" to regain confidence in your sexual ability. Pills are the easy mans option, training for permanent results is always better. My website has the top 2 training programs on it, check it out

well if you make an list of all men and women who are not faithfull you will have your balance sheet almost same for instance. IF 100 men want to cheat today they should have=100 women. well i do admit their are some special cases like like us who can also enjoy company of men but they are very small in percentage and beside it wont make such a big issue,

Most likely your friends are lying. Big time! 30-45 minutes is pretty good for your age. Get drunk like pretty drunk have sex and see how much longer it gets you. And maybe the reason why she looks sad is because it isnt that great no offense but... you need to tell your girl to tell you what she wants while you guys are having sex. And if shes not completely comfortable ask her over the phone what she likes.. its not always the size, its how you move.

Join the gym and get plenty of exercise Eat protein rich and meat foods Take zinc tablets...Apparently zinc is a man's best friend.

you last as long as you last and women like to go as long as possible ---- it depends on so many things and is different every time --- so strive to please your partner and that will be long enough

Have him do kegel exercises... they help a lot! You can do them too. They make him last longer, and will make your orgasm 100 times more intense. my woman loves it, i can last forever

It Varies from person to another for both sexes,the range is( 5-25) minutes ,more than that it will hurt the genital organs for both .

Get him to use a cock ring....or you can squeeze the base of his cock, or have him do it.....same concept as the ring.......or you can get worked up to near exploding before getting him to do his little in-n-out quickie release......but that's no fun for you! Sounds like you deserve a long and sweaty session....maybe he's just selfish? There isn't a whole lot you can do...the "balls" are in his court.

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