Is It Wrong For A Guy To Last For 2 Hours In Bed

literally after about 5 minutes of sex he ejaculates if i'm lucky after 10 but it's still not long at all why doesn't he last long? & is there anything we can do to make it last longer? thanks x

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Wow. she wants more than 25 minutes? That seems pretty ridiculous if you ask me. She really Is putting pressure in you, buddy. I am satisfied with 10 minutes. More than 25 minutes just gets dull. Good luck. And it's totally normal if you can't last more than 25 minutes. Don't feel bad, because there's nothiing you can do about it.

this one works for me.....It seems as though if I C*% first without messing ANYTHING up (if you know what I mean) then concentrate on the woman for a while, making sure that she is weak in the knees (oral works wonders as do toys) then I ride for a while I last a great deal longer the second and third time. Guess I just need to get the excitement over with and settle into my own groove.

men like oral. Maybe you could try role playing a bit! when me and my bf are having a laugh we pretend to be doctor.nurse or a naughty school girl and that joking around turns into some fun times! it doesn't always have to lead to sex. There are many books you can look at to get ideas and maybe try introducing some flavoured lubes or licks from ann summers. get on some massage and licking all over and you won't feel stuck in a rut anymore. Take a shower together?surprise him in the morning? when he knocks on your door wear nothing but sexy underwear

deprive yourserself of jerking off and sex for a while until your blood is boiling and you cant take it anymore then when u bang her you will be so horny u wont be able to stop it will be awesome it works for me just hold out

changing positions can help. control of breath also helps. make sure that your not making your hamstring muscles to tight. just relax. and enjoy. and do some foreplay before engaging your buddy. maybe some use of tongue may do the trick.... enjoy!

Because they're pigs.... I left my bf because it was long distance.. He lasted 2 seconds in bed and he was cheating so he was having sex with someone else AND me.. and he lied all the time and hes a jerkoff. He turned me gay.

Have longer foreplay, and turn him on slowly. Then don't go mad when you're having sex, work your way up to top speed! lol

What you can do to make the girl feel more attractive and more sexy and then doing just that. Do not think of making yourself satisfied or you will pop a lot earlier.

I have the opposite problem. So, if you just want him to last longer he just has to masturbate more and build up less sensitivity. Or you can try going untill the very brink, then stopping and letting him settle a bit the start again, like the tantric method. but yeah hes just gonna have to be by himself more 3-4 times a day or something untill he can stop being so quick. There are climax control cremes you can buy, but that may make you numb too. and that just makes things pointless for the both of you.

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Is It Wrong For A Guy To Last For 2 Hours In Bed

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