How Can I Last Longer In Bed

My wife is happy with my size but i just cant last that long i try to get my mind off the pleasure but it don't work i need help i want to make my wife happy

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Just sit down and tell him how you feel.Start off my saying"I love you", that's if you do!Tell him your frustrated,about the sex.Maybe he can get professional help with that I guess.Try looking up more answer on the internet.Yeah he must not be experienced.You can do it honey.

Of course longer is better, but sometimes men cant handle it if tha female can put in work for a long period of time! I think its amazing when you start sexin around 11 pm and you dont stop till about 2-3 am! WOOOW I mean even if you climax if tha lady isnt done all she has to do is get you ready again and there you go! Sex is always better longer remember tha!

No Cold destroys the batteries capacity to operate correctly, when I go to sub zero photo shoots I need to keep the battery in a separate holder in my pocket so as to keep it warm, it will die otherwise, hot batteries work far better than cold ones. Do not place it in the freezer, it may last longer but it won't work for long.

my boyf is the same, ive found if you spend ages on foreplay you wont last long, do a little but then go into it, or have foreplay by yourself a few hours before u begin.

No...Imagine your performance if you already had jerked it off... I mean you will not be so HOT..Your girl will feel that..It will just be different..Women are quite intuitive and they can immediately feel if you're just doing for the sake of making it last longer...The Sx tension will just be minimal..I think it will really be better if you just hold it off first and research on more ways to make it last longer...

I don't know. Sounds like you're getting too excited. They say you should try thinking about something boring like baseball but I've never tried it. Seriously, once we get rocking I have trouble thinking at all until about 5 minutes after its over. A condom may lessen sensation and help? Perhaps a double layer?

need 2 learn stop n go will b fine, as long as u satisfy ur gf , its fine. dont worry much or else will not get an erection also., so just relax. regards, raj

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