How Can I Make Or Help My Man Last Longer Than 5 Minutes In Bed

Soo me and my leo friend that I like, made out 2 times in the past about a couple months ago. Anyways I still have some feelings for him and he knows I like him but he said he can't be with me cause we live 2 hrs away and he cant do long distance. So I happened to be at Ocean city the same time he and his family were there and my parents know his parents. So we hung out a bit, but he didn't seem to talk to me much. Then one night I went out with his 2 guy cousins which one of them Chris was talking to me alot, flirting with me and he text me telling me to come out with them for the night. So I did, and I asked the leo boy to come out too, but he said that he just wanted to stay in and watch a movie with his family, but he said let me know where u guys go. So I text him tellin him where we are going and telling him to come. But he said he was going to bed. So I was bummed he didnt come and the next day he text me asking me how last night was, and If I was being a good girl, and if I danced and so on. So I told him it was good and I was a bit typsy so he said haha so u werent good. Dunno why he wanted to know, maybe he was a bit jealous? But then I asked him if he was ok cause he didnt come out and that isn't like him. He said he was fine and that he thinks that I think too much,but I told him I don't I just wanted to know if he was okay b/c I care. He said that he appreciated that. Anyways, I just don't really know if he is interested in me or what?? then I asked him when he's comin to visit me and he said dont know I will have to see. So, should I keep contacting him, should I wait? does he like me? what is pushing him away? I dont get it....will we ever hook up again? His cousin keeps wanting to come visit me too, so I dont know what to do. this could get messy. I am a Sag girl btw. born nov 23, 85 he is a leo born July 26, 87

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i think that if u physically try to hold semen like holding it when u have to pee its bad. but u can still last longer by thinking about things that r disgusting or that u dont like. ex. your grandma naked, principal having sex with parents etc...

Try experimentation, somethings gotta work. If worst comes to worst have him use a dildo or vibrator on you. Good luck.

how long does he last??? cuz if it is REALLY BAD!!! like super bad they make condams that make a guy last longer but i wouldnt reccomen it if he isnt tht bad. me nd my bf used 1 once and he couldnt get off in an hour and a half. we just gave up lol. or all he needs is practice;)

No, don't have that problem with boyfriend. The problem is with me, I can't get an orgasm. I would love to have sex about 3 times a week, but only get it 1 a week maybe that's the reason I can't get a orgasm. Waiting too long for it.

Ejaculation is a process completely controlled by the mind.Natural treatments are best to cure premature ejaculation

- Think of your GRANDMOTHER naked (It's pretty much impossible for any man to have an orgasm while thinking of that, and if they can they are one sick puppy, to say the least) - Think of dead animals (I think Ron Jeremy suggested this in an article once...) - Ejaculate once or twice beforehand, about 15-45 minutes beforehand

read up on tantric sex- it teaches you how to last longer and yes, working out (heavy weights!) will increase your testosterone level and therefore, you will be more male in bed

It an be many reasons - frequency of sex and masturbation for one. If you are tired or stressed has an impact. Kegel exercise are best to train yourself to control ejaculation.

Prior to sexual intercourse you should masterbate. I would masterbate 60 minutes before. If that time doesn't fit you, just try to and bust a nut as close to the intercourse as possible. Less than 60 minutes is not necessary. You still want to be able to get hard again. When you are having sex, think about something else if you can. Don't get too caught up in the hot naked girl in front of you. Another tip would be switching positions. If you feel you are about to bust, pull out and try something different. If she says No at least you bought yourself some more time. Take your time. Slow and steady wins the race. Get'em tiger.

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