Has Anybody Went From A Quick Ejaculator To Being Able To Last Long In Bed

I would like to know how to last longer in bed. Any tips, technique, positions...anything would help.

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There are many ways from kegel exercises to pills. Have a look at http://www.howtolastlongerduringsex.net for more indepth information.

two things i think can help with practice 1- masturbate about a half hour before sex if you knw you are going to be having sex 2- use the stop and go method - as you are having sex, before you really feel like you are going to ejaculate, pull out and take a second for the rush to go away and then go back to having sex - do this like 3-5 times and you should last much longer...dont forget to practice, not only with your partner but by yourself when masturbating...it helps your control. good luck

I'm afraid I would find this boringly long,especially if I were tired. Obviously your girl isn't doing much,mind you she could be asleep .

The fastest way and easiest way to get your body under control is to ride a bicycle about ten miles per day. Start out slow with one mile out and one mile back. Increase it every two days you will get tight and so will everything else. Than get your self a boob job so you have to big A's

As long as you can or want to last. If you want a lengthy sexual experience, it's all about foreplay. touching, kissing, oral, etc.. You don't have to just go at it lol. There is no "perfect" time. take your time and have fun.

Just tell him like it is. He must understand lasting that long will not satify a woman. And tell him to perform oral or at least finish you off with his fingers.

u should think about what it would be if u left her try it not brake up but try not talking to her for a week and so to see how u feel its not good if ur in depression and if u dont talk to ur family..

Has the situation changed? What i mean is, did things used to be different (was he more romantic?) Cus yeah, he just might not be the affectionate type. Definietly try spend more time with him, it seems you both lead pretty busy lives, so the moments when it just is you two - make them special. You said youre invited to the boat - even though it's not one-to-one time it's still time spent together, so do that every other week if you aren't busy doing anything else. It shows your taking an interest in something he enjoys.

You obviously turn him on very much. Do you two have a large amount of foreplay before the actual penetration? If so, He is probably so excited from pleasuring his hot wife, that he cant hold back anymore. I think you have two viable options here. Either see a doctor(It may be a physical problem), or have him masturbate before you two actually have intercourse. This will take the edge off and have him last a little longer. If he still ejaculates fast, then you have a physical problem. Go see a doc.

People have the weirdest fetishes. In other words, yes she is mad. And if you, at 25, can be comfortable doing what you did, and consider continuing this crazy practice then you too, are mad. Bear in mind relationships go to hell all the time and if you and the pee-pee chick break up you have to train yourself all over again before you sleep with someone else. And I guess she throws away the sheets.

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