How Can I Train Myself To Last Longer In Bed

its embarrassing with my girlfriend. ive tried to have something good with her but i always feel cumming so quick what can i do to prevent that and have good durable sex.. help please.....

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tell him not to control himself soo much, and that u need a break at least every hour bc you get a lil tired, and if he looks at u weird, just say that once u feel more rested, the sex willl be better too....

freakin rediculous. and people complain about guys pulling this crap. well women can be just as bad id say ditch her and forget her,. what the hell is wrong with her. anyways thats the beside the point you need to focus on the fact that you love your daughter and just dont loose site of that. the child is the most important thing here. but dont stay with her bcuz of the child.

I think it varies from man to man. Some men do get better as they get older - more considerate of their partner's needs, more experience so they know how to last longer,etc. BUT that being said, I have to agree with the comment about not basing a decision to marry on that alone. Consider that as you reach the age he is at now, he will be in his 50's - at an even older age when some men begin to encounter some difficulty in performing, if you know what I mean. What if that happens? What then - divorce? an affair for you? If you really love him, no matter what his sexual prowess, then marry him - but do be aware that marrying someone that much older also brings with it a host of differences in culture,, background, etc. I think you need to go slow here - you're not ready for marriage yet.

you've stayed this long and have forgiven him for his past cheating, i think i would focus on figuring out a way to make the sex more lasting and better it is kinda odd that you've been with him that long and he can only go for five minutes he should be use to you by now unless you got that FIRE!!!!! its too hot for him but if all else fails take a trip to vegas cause you know what happens in vegas stays in vegas!!

I am in my 30's and still get off like a teenage boy. I've never taken a pill either. The best advise, for him anyway is to make the first one as exciting as 5 minutes can be and focus on round 2. That's if he wants to get you off, which I hope he does. Don't forget the raincoat. have fun.

trust goes hand in hand with love.. that's the secret for a long relationship :) be loyal to your partner and apparently he'll do the same thing :)

Confront your father about this. Be confident and say you know the truth. Tell him that your hurt, and that if he doesn't confess to your mother about this and talk to her about it, then you'll do it for him. If he doesn't, show your mother the pictures and all the evidence you've told us, but do it slowly and softly. try to be soothing. hope i helped - natalie

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