Can I Take Viagraor How Can I Last Longer

is there any way to cure this dreadful disease haha not that its a disease i just want to know if there is a way to last longer in bed?

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my first shot...i made it about a while but i was drunk...10-15 is fine for a newby, no worries man...but if you rub one out (by yourself) prior then you will last longer

Think of dieing puppies. Also wen u jerk off don't go straight for the kill. Build yourself up to almost cummig then bring yourself down.

Think about chairs. Climax Control condoms just have an additive in the lubrication that numbs you a bit. A reliable way to build up stamina (not in like energy) but in go power is to 'practice' when you are masturbating. There is a point of no return for guys and what you want to do is raise that threshold. So when ever you are having sex (you can make this a game with ur gf) is you go at it until you are pretty close to that point of no return. Then you stop and don't do anything, you just take a few minutes and let things 'calm down.' Then you start back up again and approach that threshold again but dont pass it. If you do this a few times a week it can yield a noticable effect. Plus 'teasing the threshold' a few times before going all the way makes the climax so much more powerful because a lot more tension has been built up until that big release. The longer you go, the bigger the sensation payoff is at the end. Hopes this helps !

One thing you could do is slow down. It's not the special creams or anything. Before you get down to business, maybe pull one out so that you can focus on her. Get her going and by the time she's ready to get it on, you'll be ready too. Good luck.

make him cum fast with foreplay and he will be up a few minutes later and will last longer.or inflict some pain to keep his mind off how good you feel.till your ready

Try jerkin it before sex. "Rub out the easy one" as they say. Or, you can get performance condoms. They are a bit thicker I think, dull the sensation a little. Durex makes some called "Performax" I believe. They also apparently have condoms that have numbing lube, but I havn't tried them.

I think it depends on how fit you are lol, at age 20 I was extremely fit and active and could last longer then they could anyway lol But the trick is to vary, thrusting up and down is fine but you wont last that long, vary it so your doing gentle movements, jusy the top bit or slowly up and down then grind your hips into his. He'll go wild with that lol.

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